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Community of Ruston Tennis (C.O.R.T.)

Community of Ruston Tennis (C.O.R.T.) is a women's, men's, and mixed doubles league made up of of 3 ability-based levels. Women's and men's leagues have two seasons--Spring and Fall. Mixed doubles is in summer only. 


2021 C.O.R.T. board members and their contact information are:

Dorothy “Dot” Reece, President (870-209-1526;
Mary Fendley, Vice President (318-957-8187;
Erica Norris, Treasurer (318-243-7374;
Gail Nelson, Secretary-Public Relations (318-278-0898;
Katie Hall, Past President (318-503-9345;


Click here to find C.O.R.T. on Facebook.

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