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USTA Adult Tennis

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) is the country's largest adult competitive tennis league. Men and women 18 years or older can join a team organized around their NTRP (National Tennis Rating Program). Teams from local leagues can advance to state, regional, and national championships.

In Ruston, there is a spring league, fall league (combo), and a summer league (mixed doubles and tri-level). Follow the links below to learn more. 

• Getting Started (How to join USTA, self-rate, join a team, etc.)
• NTRP Rating Information
     – Understanding the Rating System
     – Self-Rating Instructions
     -- Rating Appeal Procedure
• Rules and Regulations
     – Local Adult League Regulations
     – 2022 Friend at Court
     – Louisiana Tennis Rules and Regulations
     – USTA Southern League Rules and Regulations
     – USTA National League Rules and Regulations
• USTA Adult Leagues

    -- Read rules and contact coordinators here

     – Spring Adult Leagues (runs January - June)
     – Tri-Level Leagues (runs Apr - July)
    – Combo Leagues (runs July - Oct)
     – Mixed Doubles Leagues (runs May - Aug)

Medical Appeal Form

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